User Feedback

Between March and November 2020 the Careerchat design team worked with careers professionals and practitioners in superuser groups in the 3 target cities Bristol, Derby and Newcastle. Their experience was harnessed to develop the early versions of CiCi and eventually in early November an alpha prototype version of CiCi was born.

From late November and into December this version of the chatbot was made available to volunteer testers in each of the 3 cities for them to stress test CiCi. Each of the 136 volunteers who tested CiCi were asked to complete an online survey to provide feedback to the development team.

Their feedback can be summarised as follows:

Over 2/3 (67%) said they would recommend CiCi to a friend or colleague.

“I thought was easy to have one place for all the information and not have to scroll many different sites.”

68% said CiCi was helpful to them in finding out about general job roles

“Brilliant feature- the videos and other links really useful.”

“This section out of all of them was the most helpful to me, listing specific skills/knowledge for the job is a very good idea”

54% claimed CiCi would be helpful to them with their CV

“This section was well detailed and gave lots of resources which was helpful to creating a CV.”

58% said CiCi was helpful in providing information about job vacancies

“I have been able to get a job interview”

“I requested help to find full time vacancies. It took me straight to the vacancies pages that were relevant to me. I didn’t wait long after the chat asked me to confirm that i was looking for what I stated. I was impressed with the list that came up”

60% of volunteer testers said CiCi was able to provide a relevant response to their request.

“I liked the speedy responses and the personalisation of CiCi. I would use Cici again.”

Future Developments

“Job Specification assessment” was indicated by 74% of the test volunteers as the most important feature they would like the Careerchat team to work on in the future.”

What next

We at Careerchat have “listened” to the constructive comments provided by the volunteer testers and recognise that following testing of the Alpha prototype, we received a lot of useful advice about how to improve CiCi. To this end we have used the information provided to produce the following Roadmap to improve CiCi.