Skills Strategy

The CiCi team are dedicated to making accessible high-quality careers information and advice for all adults. Our interest is to design and make available a chatbot for individuals who want to search for learning and work opportunities – keeping a watchful eye on trends, growth areas and skills’ needs – with the assurance of contact with a human adviser if needed. We bring specialist insight to labour market intelligence (LMI for All) and expert learning accumulated over the years on labour market and careers support services.

What can I do with CiCi today?
Cici can

  • be embedded in a public-facing portal to help local residents and provide tailored referrals to local careers and employability organisations and services where needed.
  • help empower local and national providers to serve more clients at a lower cost.
  • ultimately contribute to lower unemployment and a more productive, satisfied workforce.

Contact us to discuss partnership possibilities and ways we can work together.

So, what can CiCi do for you?
You have the option to:

  • Work with us – to co-create a tailored and targeted careers support approach in your local area making careers information and advice more accessible to local residents and finding ways to connect local people to a human adviser, as and when necessary
  • Integrate CiCi – into an existing or a new, careers and/or employability portal
  • Join the CiCi community – Register your interest and receive regular CiCi updates

Long-term benefits

  • Unemployed individuals in the local area will have greater access to local information to be retrained and reskilled therefore securing a more rapid return to the workforce.
  • Attract more business into the area to boost the local economy as CiCi makes a positive contribution to strategies to reduce skills gaps in the area reducing unemployment and supporting a more skilled and productive workforce.

LMI for All

We know there are labour market intelligence (LMI) analysts and specialist commercial organisations that provide high quality data to national, regional and local agencies. They do terrific work! In our early prototype we formed an exploratory partnership with emsi by piloting the application of their selected skills information. This is work in progress We have embedded open data from a wide range of sources – a few examples include: the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the DfE-sponsored LMI for All initiative, DWP Find a Job database and APIs offering vacancy and course data.

From the beginning, careers and employability professionals have been at the heart of CiCi’s early development in Derby, Newcastle and Bristol. Our supporting partners have been ‘critical friends’ and we greatly value their input and support.