Meet the team



Deirdre is a leading specialist career development within the UK, Europe and internationally. She is an innovator and advocate of learning and work opportunities for all. She originally comes from Northern Ireland.

Graham is a technologist, researcher and labour market intelligence expert. He lives in Valencia and works in the UK and Europe.

Deirdre and Graham have worked closely on a major four-year EU programme investigating ‘The Use of ICT and Career Coaching in Public Employment Services (PES)’ in the UK, Croatia and Slovenia (2014-2018). They have also been working together for over 12 years on various projects, including ‘LMI for All’ at the University of Warwick, Institute for Employment Research.

Chris is a data scientist, economist and career coach. He lives in London and enjoys R&D in AI and chatbots.

Chris and Deirdre share a passion for careers strategy, impact assessment and returns on investment (ROI) for careers and employability services. They are working together on behalf of the Department for Economy in Northern Ireland on a future scenario building programme to support Northern Ireland’s economic and skills agenda.

George is a software design engineer, innovator and instructional design developer based in Athens.

Graham and George have been working together on various projects for twenty years. They are currently investigating the use of Artificial Intelligence in Vocational Education and Schools.

Deirdre, Chris, Graham and George each share a passion for harnessing digital technologies in careers and employability support systems.

“What started as a seed of an idea has become a reality – CiCi the careers chatbot. We’re really excited to be working on this R&D project. We believe no-one should be alone in their search for meaningful learning and work.”

– Deirdre