What can I do with CiCi today?

Contact us to discuss partnership and innovation ideas with possibilities to work with us to build a CiCi prototype inside your business.

So, what can CiCi do for you?

CiCi can be tailored to your organisation – with your language, your contacts, your programmes and your partnerships – providing a resource for many possible groups, depending on where you want to focus it.

CiCi is always on the look out for innovators with expert knowledge and resources that complement the learning and expertise we bring.

You have the option to

  • Explore new ideas with CiCi – Innovation is at the heart of all aspects of our work
  • Innovate with CiCi – Share ideas on moving from a high-quality BETA version to final product and services
  • Talk with the CiCi team – Talk about what CiCi can do for you and more about the bot – feel free to get in touch.

Here are some early thoughts and ideas:

  • Work Experience! Many employers have more work experience students or trainees than they can ultimately employ. Providing people with help exploring their skills and other possible futures in a confidential, free format, available 24-7, is a fantastic way of continuing to support even those that you’re unable to employ. Such a differentiated approach demonstrates to all applicants that you are serious about helping everybody, not just future employees, and will help you attract more and better applicants.
  • Skilling your staff! Do you know every training course available in your local area? We’ve got the first database of over 40,000+ courses in England – every single course that has government support. Using CiCi’s skills assessment and course finder technologies, you can help your staff explore their development needs and find potential courses to discuss with their managers.
  • Rejected Candidates! Any application process will have many more rejected candidates than new jobs. Employers are increasingly serious about treating rejected applicants fairly, whether as part of future relationships as customers or prospective employees or simply because it is the right thing to do. This includes keeping them well-informed during the process, providing feedback and – with CiCi’s support – helping them explore options for next steps.
  • Redundancies! If your workforce needs are changing and you anticipate redundancy exercises in parts of our workforce – CiCi can be a key service to help your staff prepare for it and find their best futures after leaving you, whether as part of a direct service you offer or integrated with your preferred outplacement provider.