Demo OLD

CiCi delivers a personalised, guided career journey experience for adults aged 18+. The alpha version was originally developed in 3 English cities – Derby, Bristol and Newcastle.

The chatbot Beta version is work in progress. CiCi offers informed, friendly and flexible high-quality careers information and advice to adults seeking careers support. Uniquely, CiCi provides access to trained and qualified careers/employability professionals locally.

This is co-designed by UK careers and employability specialists, working closely with AI and labour market intelligence experts in Europe.

  • This short demonstrator allows you to see how CiCi works. The chatbot is based on different flows –  or modules – providing information and help for those seeking jobs, thinking of changing their jobs or looking for education and training courses.
  • The demonstrator shows just two of the flows – finding out about jobs and help in developing your CV. Click in the box on the left to get started. None of the data you enter will be stored. 

To get started, type “Hi CiCi!”