CiCi Data Sources

Labour Market Information in CiCi comes from a number of different data sources. The following information provides a quick guide to the data sources we use. If you would like any more information, please contact Graham Attwell –

Hours and Earnings

Hours and Earnings figures for different occupations come from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (2019) produced by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).


Details of courses come from the Course database produced monthly by the Education and Skills Funding Authority


Videos about different occupations and jobs are from iCould.

Job Vacancies

Job vacancies are from Find A Job and from Adzuna.

Standard Occupational Classification

Provides a detailed structure of SOC2010 occupations together with descriptions for each occupation. These data are from the ONS Standard Occupational Classification database.

Volunteering opportunities

Data about volunteering opportunities at a national level is from  Do It.

Occupational descriptions

Description of occupational role and common tasks associated with the role based on UK Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) index at 4-digit level produced by the Office for National Statistics.

Skills, abilities and interests

The data are taken from the US O*NET system. They are tied to the UK occupational categories by a mapping that links each SOC2010 4-digit occupation with one or more US occupations.

Skills (b) abilities and interests

ESCO skills accessed through the ESCO API, supported by the European Commission and linked to SOC 2010 through a SOC 2010 – ISCO walk  through table.

Projected Future Employment

Projected Future Employment is from Working Futures, funded by the Dapratment froEducation and based on econometric modelling using the Labour Force Survey (LFS) and Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) data.

SkillsoMeter Widget

The SkillsoMeter Widget is based on both SOC 2010 and O*NET Skills, abilities and interests data and was developed by LMI for All, funded by the Department for Education.