Career Professionals feedback

From the early Superuser group meetings there were a total of 17 whom provided the following feedback.

How helpful do you believe the development of a chatbot will be as a complement to existing careers provision?

94% of responses said very helpful or extremely helpful

How do you rate the concept of a chatbot in terms of value, content and relevance to customer needs?

88% said it would be very helpful or extremely helpful

Opportunity: Info at their fingertips (for those using smartphone technology and apps), able to prepare them ahead of a 1:1 meeting  Challenge: access to I.T., may not use apps, some people prefer human contact (but obviously this is just about providing another option to access careers advice)

Superuser Careers professional Newcastle

It could be a good opportunity for people to access careers support who don’t feel comfortable seeking it/taking the first steps in person.

Superuser Careers professional Newcastle

It will support and compliment careers guidance sessions if clients have an opportunity to start building their own fundamental knowledge on these areas before they meet us in person.

Superuser Careers professional Bristol

I think its greatest potential, currently, is as a tool to help an adviser gain some initial information – prior to a meeting although I also like the idea of it being used to support an action plan, with links to key resources/websites.

Superuser Careers professional Newcastle

In terms of opportunities – the bot will be accessible at any time without delay, it will be able to answer questions immediately (with encouraging statements and wide variety of options), some will prefer this form of assistance, it will work especially well for quick straightforward signposting needs and suit certain end users very much – e.g. Some users may prefer to use app due to personal preferences and time factors.

Superuser Careers professional Newcastle