So, what will CiCi do for you?

You have the option to:

  • Apply direct – Search for job vacancies or find other suitable information, advice and guidance sources
  • Improve your CV – Know where you can go for CV support

CiCi the bot directs you to the best opportunities based on the information you provide. It gives quality-assured careers and labour market information ‘all in one place’.

Have a go…

Build Your CV

A well written and presented Curriculum Vitae (CV) will help you to create the right impression with employers to get you a job interview. To help you to craft your CV CiCi can quickly signpost you to some useful tools and resources. CV builders make it easy for you to create your own CV online. You can use CiCi to get CV support and information to help you apply for a job, education or training opportunities. CiCi will ask you a few questions so it can get to know more about your needs and remember if you need to talk with a local expert careers adviser or coach, CiCi will help make the connection.

Skills Assessment

If you are wondering if you have the right skills or what skills you might need to take the next important step in finding a job, education, training or volunteering that meets your own needs then CiCi can help.

We are building CiCi to help you to identify the skills you currently have and to think about how your existing skills and knowledge can easily be transferred to other suitable jobs, sectors and opportunities. Remember, if you prefer to talk this over with an expert adviser CiCi can also help in this way. CiCi already has good expert connections in Bristol, Derby and Newcastle.


Setting up your own business takes hard work and requires lots of tenacity and resilience to bounce back from setbacks and to really make things happen. But the benefits of self-employment make the effort worthwhile for many enterprising individuals.

Whether already self-employed or looking to start out on your own, CiCi will help you get started and will connect you to self-employment information, advice and expertise in Bristol, Derby and Newcastle. In early 2021, we will be looking at how we can support people outside of these 3 cities where we started the CiCi journey developing the prototype.

Training Courses

If you are an adult looking to retrain or learn new skills then CiCi can help you search to find good quality careers information and advice or to find a local college course that suits your individual needs.

For the first time in England, CiCi has used an application programme interface (API) that streams detailed course information from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) courses for adults into a powerhouse that can support your career.

Course information is evolving daily and the more people who try out the courses facility then the bot will get better at recognising need and matching to potential opportunities. It might not always get this right first time but remember CiCi is a bot in training😊 If you do get stuck, CiCi can signpost you to a human careers adviser, employability specialist or coach for additional support.

Finding out more about jobs

Many people want to improve their skills and increase their job prospects. This can sometimes be difficult to navigate, particularly areas of work and opportunity that you may not be familiar with. CiCi is a useful tool to help you to find out more about job requirements, the skills needed for certain jobs, jobs expanding or contracting, and rates of pay you might expect (with local variations).

CiCi can offer friendly, local and national information on various jobs and careers to help you to decide on the career-path you might wish to take. You can also view some short videos if you like to hear about other people’s experiences. CiCi allows you to search for information and advice

Searching for vacancies

CiCi offers a quick and easy way to search for job vacancies anytime of the day or night. Often this can be time consuming and sometimes hard work. CiCi knows this and brings together useful careers information and advice into one place.

Tell CiCi about yourself and what your interests are and you will be directed to careers information, links and websites where you can directly access live job vacancies.

CiCi can also point you to human experts trained and qualified in career guidance and coaching. There are lots of paid services online, and also quite a few others, but it can be hard to know which ones offer local careers support services or which you are eligible for.

CiCi knows reputable local careers support agencies offering human support, if that is what you personally need.😊


Volunteering is a fantastic way of learning new skills and meeting new people, including many who may be in a similar situation to yourself. It will look good on your CV if you can demonstrate to employers that you are active and trying to improve your knowledge and skills.

CiCi can help by directing you to local volunteering opportunities in Derby, Bristol and Newcastle and the surrounding areas.


  • Will be a friend who you can ask for information and advice to help you make career decisions.
  • Will show you what the local labour market looks like – where is the job growth? what are the wages/salaries in these jobs? what skills are needed? How you can think about transferring your existing skills into new work areas.
  • Will help you think about what new skills you might need.
  • Will identify example training courses to get new skills and advance your career.
  • Will identify example local job vacancies you can apply for.
  • Will help you find tools and services that suggest other careers you might not have considered that may suit you.
  • Will direct you to a careers adviser or careers service if speaking to a professional adviser is what you need.
  • Will keep a record of the “chat” you have had and the information you have provided so that – if you request it – CiCi can pass the details onto a careers or employability adviser to help them to help you further.
  • Will be there for you in the future -24/7 – if you ever need help again.
  • Will help you develop your own action plan.