CiCi is a unique chatbot with
careers information and advice
all in one place,
quick and easy to use

  • CiCi is a chatbot providing a personalised, guided career journey experience for adults
  • CiCi is moving from alpha to beta version using smart technology to provide real-time data on careers information and advice
  • We believe humans and bots can work well together
  • Our vision is for CiCi to be a powerhouse supporting individuals on their career journeys

CiCi explained

CiCi the chatbot gives you access to

What can CiCi do for you?

Finalists in the CareerTech Challenge Prize

CiCi are finalists in the CareerTech Challenge Prize – a joint project between Nesta Challenges and the Department for Education,
aiming to improve access to data-driven careers advice and guidance.

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